Book Series: Logic in Asia

This book series promotes the advance of scientific research within the field of logic in Asian countries. It strengthens the collaboration between researchers based in Asia with researchers across the international scientific community and offers a platform for presenting the results of their collaborations. One of the most prominent features of contemporary logic is its interdisciplinary character, combining mathematics, philosophy, modern computer science, and even the cognitive and social sciences. The aim of this book series is to provide a forum for current logic research, reflecting this trend in the field’s development.

The series accepts books on any topic concerning logic in the broadest sense, i.e., books on contemporary formal logic, its applications and its relations to other disciplines. It accepts monographs and thematically coherent volumes addressing important developments in logic and presenting significant contributions to logical research. In addition, research works on the history of logical ideas, especially on the traditions in China and India, are welcome contributions.The scope of the book series includes but is not limited to the following:

• Monographs written by researchers in Asian countries.
• Proceedings of conferences held in Asia, or edited by Asian researchers.
• Anthologies edited by researchers in Asia.
• Research works by scholars from other regions of the world, which fit the goal of “Logic in Asia”. 

The series discourages the submission of manuscripts that contain reprints of previously published material and/or manuscripts that are less than 165 pages/90,000 words in length.  


Liu, Fenrong, Tsinghua University and University of Amsterdam CONTACT:
Ono, Hiroakira, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology CONTACT:
Lodaya, Kamal, Bengaluru, India CONTACT: 

  Editorial Board

    Natasha Alechina, University of Utrecht
    Toshiyasu Arai, Chiba University, Japan
    Sergei Artemov, City University of New York (Graduate Center)
    Mattias Baaz, Technical University of Vienna
    Lev Beklemishev, Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
    Mihir Chakraborty, Jadavpur University and Indian Statistical Institute
    Phan Minh Dung, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
    Amitabha Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
    Christoph Harbsmeier, University of Oslo
    Shier Ju, Sun Yat-sen University, China
     Makoto Kanazawa, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
     Fangzhen Lin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
     Jacek Malinowski, Polish Academy of Sciences
    Ram Ramanujam, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India
     Jeremy Seligman, University of Auckland and Tsinghua University
    Kaile Su, Griffith University
    Johan van Benthem, University of Amsterdam, Stanford University and Tsinghua University
    Hans van Ditmarsch, Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications
    Dag Westerstahl, University of Stockholm and Tsinghua University
    Yue Yang, Singapore National University
    Chin-mu Yang, National Taiwan University

Titles in the series

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